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What tests might be included in a Wellness Profile?

Complete Blood Count can detect anemia, infection,

abnormal cells and some clotting problems.

Biochemistry Profile checks the function of the liver,

kidneys and pancreas as well as electrolytes and bone

and muscle indicators.

Albumin decreased levels can indicate liver failure,

protein losing nephropathy or protein losing enteropathy.

ALT levels can indicate liver disease or conditions such

as inflammatory bowel disease, hyperadrenocorticism,

right-sided heart failure or diabetes.

BUN increased levels can indicate dehydration, renal

dysfunction or a gastrointestinal bleed

Decreased levels can point to end-stage liver disease,

starvation or protein restricted diets.

Thyroid Function Tests assess the gland that

regulates the metabolic rate of the entire body.

Serum Potassium increased levels may indicate

Addison's disease and decreased may indicate polyuria, polydipsia or gastrointestinal upset.

Glucose increased glucose can mean diabetes,

hyperadrenocorticism or stress. Decrease glucose may

be indicating a insulin-producing tumour, liver

dysfunction or hypoadrenocorticism

Urinalysis provides information on the health of the

kidneys and urinary system, it can also detect infection,

inflammation. crystals or abnormal cells. Inappropriate

urine concentration may indicate renal disease, thyroid

conditions, hyperadrenocorticism, hypercalcemia or

diabetes mellitus.

Early Disease Detection

Dogs and cats often don’t show signs of illness until the disease or disorder is advanced. With the use of Wellness Testing, problems can be detected in the early stages and steps can often be taken to correct or manage them.

Did You Know?

Arthritis in both older and younger pets can often be successfully managed with prescription diets alone, without the use of drugs!


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