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What is a Dental?

A Dental at the Long Branch Animal Clinic is very similar to the procedure that your own dentist or hygienist may perform. The difference being that unlike you, your pet requires general anesthesia.

Patients are closely monitored and put on IV fluids to support circulation and blood pressure during the Dental which can take as long as 90 minutes or more.

All teeth, 42 for adult dogs and 30 for adult cats are evaluated visually and with the use of a periodontal probe. Carefully looking for any tarter or periodontal pocket that may be present below the gum line.

The tartar is then both manually and ultrasonically removed from the teeth by means of scaling and root planning.

When necessary antibiotics are injected into the periodontal pockets to control infection.

Any unsalvageable, loose or fractured teeth are removed.

A final polish is done with a pumice paste containing fluoride to smooth and protect the enamel which surprisingly is much thinner in cats and dogs than in humans.

Pain medication in addition to any local blocks that were given prior to extractions may also be sent home with your pet to ensure they are comfortable in the following days.

Dentistry and Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

When left unchecked, common problems such as gingivitis can progress into periodontal disease and tooth loss. This in turn may trigger serious health problems affecting other organs in the body. Neglect of the mouth can lead to chronic pain and extensive disease. Fortunately, when caught early gingivitis can be stopped through regular cleaning and good oral therapy.


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