Proudly serving Long Branch and South Etobicoke since 1988.

Irina Yu, Client Service Representative while Lisa is on maternity leave. Enjoys hiking, camping and photography and has a cat named Chevy.

Lisa Quintero, our Client Service Representative, has been with us since 2013. She is  usually the friendly face you'll see when you arrive and the one calling you to check up on your pet. Lisa might also be the one politely asking your dog to get on the scale just one more time. Lisa's passion and dedication to the wellbeing of our patients is what makes her such an asset to our team. Lisa has one cat named Olive and turtle Frankie. Lisa often pet sits dogs for our clients.

On maternity leave

Olivia Bremner, Registered Veterinary Technician, graduated from Seneca College in 2010. She is trained in radiology, dental prophylaxis and surgical anesthesia. She often performs routine laboratory procedures in the clinic for your pet. Olivia fully examines your pet prior to surgery, monitors your pet's vitals throughout surgical procedures, and provides pain management to make sure your pet is comfortable and pain free. Olivia is committed to improving the lives of all the patients that come through the doors of Long Branch Animal Clinic. Olivia has two cats Bo and Bear.

On maternity leave

Dr. Heidi Wong has been with us since 2014. She was originally hired to fill in for Dr. Zimmerman who was on maternity leave, but Heidi was so well received by clients that we decided to keep her. Heidi enjoys traveling, rock climbing and hiking and has a big orange cat named Gracie.

Dr. Yvonne Worthy, purchased the clinic she loved in 2006 and has made many upgrades to both the everyday running of the practice and to the equipment.
Dr. Worthy is constantly continuing her education, to stay up to date with new advances in veterinary medicine. She has three cats, Bob, Basil and Jack.

Dr. Kate Zimmerman, completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biology and Mathematics at Queen's University in 2006, and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2010. Kate has experience working at a feline specialty practice. Kate also has a dog, Rigley.

Jennifer Raykoff, Office Manager, nutritional advocate, veterinary assistant and familiar face since 1994. Credentials include CPR and first aid, business management, small animal nutrition and animal handling. Special interest in canine and feline behavioral issues and lifestyle enrichment. Jennifer also manages a cat and 4 dogs.

Ashleigh Neville, Registered Veterinary Technician, has a love for all animals and a passion for caring for critters of all shapes and sizes. She has a dog named Willow and two rabbits named Bellatrix and Hermione. She enjoys reading and traveling in her spare time.

Jessica Morais, our part-time Animal Care Assistant and receptionist, is a graduate of Sheridan College's Animal Care program. She cares for 5 cats of her own, Skunky, Sable, Tiger, Patches and Sledge.

Pasta, Clinic Dog, rescued in 2014. Enjoys her days at the clinic with her peeps. Evenings and weekends are spent with either Mumma Lisa or Mumma J.


Trixie & Chester, the clinic cats.


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